Local Advantages

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Equipped with a long history and a rich cultural heritage, Suzhou has jurisdictions over Dangshan County, Xiao County, Lingbi County, Si County and Yongqiao District, with a total area of 9,939 square kilometers and a total population of 6.5 million. Suzhou has been rated as a National Civilized City, National Garden City, National Smart City and National Forest City, and is also honored as the city of wondrous stones, the hometown of circus, the city of roast chicken, as well as a well-known calligraphy city. Nowadays it is well known for the combination of the world's fruit capital, China's cloud capital, and the midland shoes capital. Suzhou has obvious advantages in production factors. The city is not only an energy base in East China, but also has a labor resource of 3.4 million people, which can fully guarantee the employment needs of enterprises. It possesses of 7 provincial-level development zones, which can satisfy the space requirements of various investment projects as well.