Industrial Base

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Suzhou has a wide range of existing industries. Traditional advantageous industries have a considerable scale;Traditional advantageous industries have a considerable scale, such as green food, light textile shoes and clothing, home building materials, machinery and electronics, and coal-based electricity and chemical industries, with high total volume and excellent structure. The foundation of strategic emerging industries is solid, and the scale of digital industry, high-end equipment, biological medicine, new materials, and intelligent manufacturing, etc. is expanding.

Suzhou has perfect transportation facilities and has been accelerating the construction of "railway, land, air and river" modern integrated four-dimensional transportation network. With the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and the Suhuai railway passing through its territory, it is one hour to Hefei and Nanjing, two hours to Shanghai and Zhengzhou, and three hours to Beijing and Xian by high-speed railway. From urban area in Suzhou, it takes only 1 hour to reach Xuzhou Guanyin Airport by car, while Hefei Xinqiao Airport and Nanjing Lukou Airport can both be reached within 2 hours. The new Bian River waterway in Suzhou will be upgraded soon, and tothe north, it is just over 220 kilometers from the Port of Lianyungang, and in the north there is Hui River water transportation, which can directly reach the Yangtze River.

Suzhou has a "close&clear" government-enterprise relationship and has created a first-class business environment. We has been constantly optimizing and improving the policy of favoring enterprises by means of implementing the enterprise preferential, awards and other measures. The service institutions, namely the Investment Promotion Centers throughout all administrative regions and industrial parks, are professional and sound,with designated personnel in charge that convenient,effective and long-term government-enterprise communication mechanism has been established.